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Nattie-Neidhart.net, your new source for WWE Diva and Total Divas reality star, Natalya "Nattie" Neidhart.
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Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson is a professional wrestler, better known as Natalya or Nattie. This gorgeous Canadian Diva was born on May 27th, 1982. She is the first woman of Hart family's history to be a wrestler and represents the third-generation of Hart wrestling family after her father Jim Neidhart and her grandfather Stu Hart. In 2007, Nattie started working with WWE and debuted on the main roster in April 2008, as "Natalya", allying herself with Victoria.

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 October 3rd, 2014

 Category: Total Divas

At the beginning of the episode, we can see quickly Natalya discussing with people backstage.
Natalya and Rosa drive when Natalya confesses that TJ forgot her birthday and didn’t get her anything, not even a cake.

It’s NXT Takeover time! Natalya will face Charlotte Flair. The winner of their match will be the new NXT women’s Champion. Natalya is representing the Harts and Charlotte the Flairs! After one of the best Divas match ever, Charlotte wins the NXT’s women Championship. Natalya is really disappointed, but she admits that Charlotte is a great athlete.

At Natalya and TJ’s home, Natalya throws a birthday party for herself! TJ and Natalya’s parents are there. TJ has a birthday present for “Natalya”: “This is for you or this is for me?” Natalya doesn’t like TJ’s gift. Natalya tells him what’s wrong, but he doesn’t seeem to understand what’s the problem. Natalya decides to leave her birthday party and books a hotel room. Rosa is in town so she visits Natalya at the hotel. Rosa buys some things to enjoy the evening. They talk about Natalya and TJ’s relationship. Rosa gives her a hug, and leaves.

Rosa throws a birthday party for Natalya with Cameron, Eva, Trinity and Jon. Natalya is really happy with her birthday party. She gets gifts: “I feel so spoiled” and a cake.

Natalya, Rosa, a friend of Rosa, Trinity, Jon and Fandango have two nights off, so they all decide to go out. Rosa’s friend was taking a picture of Rosa and Natalya when Rosa tried to kiss Natalya. Everobody is shocked. Natalya leaves, followed by Trinity. The two Divas are talking. Trinity tells that Natalya is overreacting but the facts are facts.

Backstage at SmackDown, Natalya is distant with Rosa: “Are you okay Nattie?” Natalya decides to talk with Rosa about the other night. Rosa apologizes. She just wanted Natalya to feel beautiful and confident. Rosa tells that Natalya needs to be treated like a princess, a queen. Rosa cares about Natalya and TJ’s marriage. But Natalya says that Rosa exaggerated! Now, all is okay between Natalya and Rosa. Natalya thanks Rosa for what she was trying to do, but tells her not to try and kiss her anymore.

Natalya and TJ meet each other for the first time since Natalya left her birthday party. Natalya is anxious. They’re talking but TJ doesn’t understand her. He says that Natalya is exaggerated and she needs to change. Natalya is upset. She gets a phone call and takes the opportunity to go.

TD_304_Photo_13-1196489133 TD_304_Photo_23-1820174958 TD_304_Photo_33-1969658671 TD_304_Photo_43-975637992

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 September 30th, 2014
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 September 30th, 2014

 Category: Other

WWE and Susan G. Komen for the Cure team up to fight breast cancer. Go to komen.org/wwe to learn how you can help put an end to breast cancer.

Join the fight now at WWEShop.com!

Join_WWE_and_Susan_G__Komen_all_October_to_battle_breast_cancer_085 Join_WWE_and_Susan_G__Komen_all_October_to_battle_breast_cancer_088 Join_WWE_and_Susan_G__Komen_all_October_to_battle_breast_cancer_089 Join_WWE_and_Susan_G__Komen_all_October_to_battle_breast_cancer_091

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 September 30th, 2014

 Category: Raw, Results

Layla with Summer Rae vs Rosa Mendes with Natalya and Tyson Kidd
After a commercial break, Layla, Rosa, Natalya and Tyson are already in the ring. Natalya gives some advice to Rosa. A clip from “Total Divas” of Natalya and Tyson having marital problems is shown. After the clip, Tyson suddenly ignores Natalya in the ring.
The match starts. Natalya seems more interested on Tyson and his behavior than on the match itself. Indeed, Tyson doesn’t pay attention to the match and is busy with his phone and headphones. Natalya is getting really upset because of Tyson’s behavior. But she tries to stay focused on Rosa’s match and support her. Layla throws Rosa out of the ring. Summer pushes Natalya. Natalya slaps Summer in return and they start fighting while Tyson is still doesn’t care about what is happening. Rosa and Layla get in the ring. Layla hits the Lay-Out for the win.
Winner: Layla by Pinfall
After the match, Natalya is angry at Tyson and walks off with his phone.

RAW_1114_Photo_049-2768230211 RAW_1114_Photo_053-1563496220 RAW_1114_Photo_056-761002899 RAW_1114_Photo_058-3403929236

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 September 27th, 2014
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 September 26th, 2014
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 September 25th, 2014

 Category: Total Divas

Natalya, Eva and Nikki are backstage at SmackDown. They watch Adam Rose and Fandango’s match. After the match, Summer attacks Layla, which marks her return. Natalya is not really happy to see Summer back: “Having Summer back is like to have sand in your bikini, it’s not fun”. Summer has issues with all the Total Divas, specially with Natalya.

Natalya and Rosa are hitting the gym when Summer walks in. The tension between Natalya and Summer are felt. They try to speak together, but Natalya says that Layla “is actually killing it” by Fandango side because she’s a real dancer. Summer, upset, tries to rub it in but Natalya prefers to stop the discussion to work out.
When Summer is gone, Rosa ask to Natalya what’s the problem with Summer. Natalya tells her that Summer is not a nice person.

After Raw, Rosa invites Summer to ride with her and Natalya. When Natalya finds out, she’s unhappy and upset that Rosa didn’t ask her about inviting Summer. The atmosphere is tense in the car. Natalya speaks about her nose. Summer gets on nerves because Natalya is insinuating that if she has problems with her nose it’s Summer’s fault. Summer slapped Natalya a few months ago. Summer is trying to get Natalya angry and she succeeds when she begins talking bad about TJ. Natalya stops the car and pulls out Summer’s bags of the car. Summer continues to insult Natalya. Natalya opens the car’s door and yanks Summer out by her hair. Rosa doesn’t know what to do. She separates Natalya and Summer but they continue to insult each other. Natalya takes her bags and walks out. Rosa gets her back and tells them to get in the car. Rosa is crying because this situation is too stressful for her.

Natalya want to talk to Rosa in SmackDown backstage. Natalya tells to Rosa that she should have asked to Natalya her opinion about inviting Summer in the car and that a friend would never have done that. Natalya she was hurted by Summer words when she talks about Natalya’s husband, TJ. Rosa apologizes and tell that she will never again do something like that. They share a hug and Natalya leaves to get ready for her match.

TD_303_Photo_08-725944861 TD_303_Photo_16-3588626011 TD_303_Photo_38-6838750 TD_303_Photo_43-3640333969

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