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Nattie-Neidhart.net, your new source for WWE Diva and Total Divas reality star, Natalya "Nattie" Neidhart.
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Natalie Katherine Neidhart-Wilson is a professional wrestler, better known as Natalya or Nattie. This gorgeous Canadian Diva was born on May 27th, 1982. She is the first woman of Hart family's history to be a wrestler and represents the third-generation of Hart wrestling family after her father Jim Neidhart and her grandfather Stu Hart. In 2007, Nattie started working with WWE and debuted on the main roster in April 2008, as "Natalya", allying herself with Victoria.

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 January 30th, 2015
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 January 22nd, 2015

 Category: Gallery Additions

It’s rare for a Diva to enter the Royal Rumble Match, but that doesn’t mean the women of WWE can’t throw down at a moment’s notice. Check out the Divas in their battle gear with this exclusive WWE.com gallery.

03_NATTIE_08252014sb_0010b-3800013447 17_NATTIE_08252014sb_0032b-3480076295 25_NATTIE_08252014sb_0019b-1294730759

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 January 20th, 2015

 Category: Other


Paige says she doesn’t need any friends in the cutthroat world of Divas competition, but if she hopes to emerge victorious at Royal Rumble, she will have to put her trust in Natalya when the two dynamic Divas team to take on a common enemy: The Bella Twins.

Though their relationship has had its share of ups and downs recently (thanks in no small part to the meddlesome ways of Natalya’s husband, Tyson Kidd, who caused Paige a pivotal loss last week), The Diva of Tomorrow and The Queen of Harts seem to be united in one thing: their disdain for Divas Champion Nikki and twin sister Brie.

Since the start of 2015, Paige and Natalya have each managed to upend Nikki in non-title singles matches. In each case, their wins were partly enabled by the presence of the other at ringside. Paige neutralized Brie at ringside on the Jan. 5 edition of Raw, paving the way for Natalya to pin Nikki. The following night on Main Event, The Diva of Tomorrow scored a victory of her own over Nikki when Natalya stopped an interfering Brie.

Things hit a snag the following week when Kidd accompanied Natalya to ringside for a bout between Paige and Brie and stepped onto the ring apron, distracting Paige and causing her to lose. Afterward, the enraged raven-haired Diva insisted she didn’t need friends and called Kidd an “idiot,” but nonetheless aided Natalya in beating Nikki on SmackDown days later.

Will Paige and Natalya manage to get along when they stand across the ring from the fearless Divas Champion and her equally strategic twin sister at Royal Rumble? Will Kidd, who has seemingly taken an interest in Nikki Bella, wearing her hat and necklace, poke his nose into his wife’s business, and if so, what will that mean for The Diva of Tomorrow? And now that they’ve been identified as a common target, how will Nikki & Brie Bella react inside the ring?

Find out when four of the Divas division’s top athletes square off at Royal Rumble this Sunday at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT, live on WWE Network.

Credit: WWE.com

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 January 17th, 2015
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 January 10th, 2015
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 January 8th, 2015
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 January 8th, 2015

 Category: Other


#7 Tyson Kidd and Natalya create the Mixed Tag Team Title

Fact: When it comes to mixed tag teams, you won’t find a more formidable pairing than Hart Dungeon graduates Tyson Kidd & Natalya. But there’s yet to be a true division in which the married mat technicians can display their talents. Based on Kidd’s success in both NXT and WWE in 2014 – and the ego he developed as a result – we’d love to see him take his new attitude to the next level and create a championship for himself and his “Total Diva” wife.

It might take some convincing on Kidd’s part to get the more reserved Natalya on board with such a radical idea, but we can’t imagine any couple better suited to become the first WWE Mixed Tag Team Champions. If the titles feature diamond-encrusted Persian kittens on the plates, all the better.

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